How to Throw The Perfect Magical Fairy Party !

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

We do believe in fairies and what is more magical than a beautiful fairy party out in the woods, your garden or Plan C if the rain the kitchen!

We used an assortment of our Party Decor Supplies perfect for a birthday party, tea party or even a picnic to throw a truly enchanting fairy-themed party. Here you'll find lots of magical fairy party ideas!Ideal Age 3 to 8

Planning & invitations

A little magic dust there, a few magical words there ... and the little princesses and fairies flock to the party! See here how easy it is to make pretty magic wand invitation cards.

Birthday Invitation : Magic Wand


Craft Paper - light and dark pink

Fabric / gift ribbons - various colours

Paper Straw - gold coloured



Gold Felt Pen

Craft Glue

Fancy Dress

Ask the guests to dress as their favourite mythical creature. . Little elves and princesses flutter over. Noble princes court Cinderella, Snow White and Lillifee.

Everyone eats from golden dishes, plays with magic wands and "poisoned" apples. Welcome to a magical fantasy world!

Party Treats

What's a party without some tasty mouth watering treats? Watch how to make cool watermelon stars........