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Essentials for the Perfect Flower Girl!

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

If you're unsure what a flower girl should do, what they wear and what their role in the wedding is then our guide is here to help!

We’ll give you all the tips and tricks to turn your little one into a flower girl pro.. and have a smooth wedding ceremony in the process.

What would your wedding be without a gorgeous flower girl?! Being a flower girl can be quite a thrill for your favourite little lady and it's a lovely way to include the younger children close to you in your wedding day. For one brief moment as she walks (or runs!) down the aisle, your flower girl will steal the show.........


How to Choose Your Flower Girl!

The Flower Girl is normally a close relation of the bride and groom such as a niece or perhaps a Goddaughter or cousin. Some couples choose a close friend's daughter for the role and in other cases it might be the daughter of the happy couple themselves!

Make your decision wisely so as not to upset relatives; for example if you have more than one little niece in the family then consider having multiple Flower Girls to ensure nobody is disappointed!


What is the Flower Girl’s Role?

The main duties of the flower girl is to walk down the aisle, smile sweetly and to sprinkle little delights along the way (traditionally rose petals) and let everyone say "oooooh" and "aaaah"! Besides the bride, she is the one who will win everybody’s heart and even steal a couple of smiles. Traditionally the flower girl walks down the aisle with a page boy or ring bearer after the maid of honour, but before the bride.

However, it’s completely up to you! If you are worried your flower girl might feel a bit intimidated (or might be naughty!) then she might be best to walk down the aisle holding the hand of an older bridesmaid who she is familiar with.


Ideas for Flower Girl Duties

Most importantly - let her have fun!! It's important for her not to feel too overwhelmed by her role and to enjoy her day as much as you. Here's some traditional and quirky duty ideas for her to perform.....

  • Walk down the aisle in front of the Bride carrying a posy of flowers or basket of petals

  • Scatter rose petals (for luck) down the aisle/walkway

  • Walk or carry your pet down the aisle - more and more couples make their beloved pets part of their Big Day!

  • Replace the flowers with a bouquet of tiny balloons to walk down the aisle with. It will be magical in photos, and a colorful treat for her to enjoy

  • Feathers - just imagine it: Soft feathers gently floating down next to your flower girl as she prances along.

  • Scatter grains and herbs (to symbolise fertility and everlasting love)

  • A Sign or Flag - send the flower girl down the aisle carrying a flag with a message reading something like "Here comes the bride" or "Wait 'til you see her."!

  • Scatter leaves for an autumn wedding or pinecones for a winter one. Or how about dried lavender for a destination wedding in France?

  • Give each flower girl a basket of single stem flowers to hand out to guests as she walks down the aisle.

  • Hand out confetti (if allowed!) to wedding guests

  • Blow bubbles as she walks down the aisle


Flower Girl Dresses - what to wear!

Most of the time she wears a white or ivory look-a-like bride dress, but this can change depending on the wedding’s theme. Anything goes once they look cute ..there won”t be a dry eye in the house when your little flower girl marches down the aisle!

If you’re hosting a rustic event, think about asking her to wear a plaid or boho flower girl dress. If all else fails, you can always hunt for flower girl dresses similar to what your bridesmaids are wearing.

Comfort is key

The last thing you want is for the little one to throw a tantrum on your wedding day because her outfit is itchy or uncomfortable. So make sure she’s happy about everything before buying. If she has any complaints, listen to her and try your best to remedy them. This may mean settling for a flower girl dress that's not your first choice, but it’ll be worth it in the long run!

Let them help.....

Kids love choosing their own outfits, so get your flower girl involved in the process. Select two or three options and let them pick their favourite. Bonus: this will make getting them dressed on the big day less of a battle!!



Here's some super cute flower girl hairstyles - add a crown with flowers that match those in your bouquet.

Add a little ribbon to a headpiece to bring a little boho feel to the little cutie....

These gorgeous clip in flowers are perfect for woodland weddings or even beach-bound ones, This easy flower girl hairstyle will definitely get everyone talking!

Flower Girl Baskets

Baskets are very important accessories for any wedding, and of course for little princesses! Finish off what’s bound to be sheer lovely by arming that cutie with a non traditional option for her petal basket, fit perfectly to her look and your overall wedding day design.

Moss Baskets

Our gorgeous woodland baskets made with moss, and wicker add a natural, woodland like accent to the day and are perfect for more rustic weddings. This adorable alternative to the traditional flower girl basket will make any flower girl feel like a woodland princess.

This basket comes lined, so if it's not being used as a flower girl basket, you can fill it with floral décor at your reception, or use it to display your service sheets at the ceremony.

No matter what you decide to put inside, the woodland charm it adds is sure to impress!


A Flower Girl adds something very special to your wedding day and it's always nice to treat her to a little gift afterwards to thank her for her efforts ( also great as a bribery tool!).

If it is something wearable, they can wear it on the day of your wedding which would be lovely to see in photographs.

The gift doesn’t need to be expensive and there are so many ideas to explore. You could even reuse the little baskets from the wedding and fill them with little goodies which could be a mix of jewellery, toys and more!

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