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Party Display Tips

We are delighted to share a few creative ideas and display tips.  Watch this space ...we will regularily update our party decorating ideas and theme tips here.

Sex and the City Party

Dress your room with pink and black linens and chair cover, and accesorise with our imaginative props and decorations.

Cosmopolitan Centrepiece
Fill our glass martini vases with coloured pink water.  Wrap some coloured wire round the stem of a rose or gerbera and hang over the edge of the glass; or hang a large silk orchid over the brim.

Stunning Stiletto Shoe
Line the base of the shoe with waterproof plastic. Cut a piece of OASIS foam to fit the base, soak in water for 30 seconds and place in shoe.  Insert gerberas at 3 different heights going up the length of the shoe, and cover the remaining OASIS with 4-5 other gerbera cut to very short stem.  You may need to insert a piece of stub wire into the short stem to keep secure in the foam.

Our uplighters (for rental) can transform your venue....we used shades of purple and pink  in our Sex & the City Parties, for the ultimate feminine vibe.

Pink Chandeliers
Drape these quirky mock chandeliers with shimmering beads, pearls and crystals ...guaranteed to catch the spotlight!

Bed Reception Scene
Inspired by the episode featuring a bar simply called "Bed"...create your own cocktail area where guests can relax on a beautifully dressed boudoir bed.  Use a spare bed, make up in luscious silk & velvet linens & cushions.  For the creative - make your own oversized deluxe headboard. Cut the shape required from a large piece of MDF using a jigsaw saw, add foam  (available from
A.J. Upholstery Services,Capel Street) and cover with chosen fabric, all secured with a staple gun.  Cover this with fairy lights.  Add one of our decorative canopes and hang some sexy undies on some pink padded hangers.  The ultimate pamper zone!

Bewitching Halloween Party Ideas...

Setting the Scene.....

Set the scene by creating a den like effect where you can,  by hanging large pieces of black fabric from ceiling to floor.  Then drape some of our spookey effect fabric, followed by stretches of our spiders web.  Tease this out very gently to create a very fine sheer web effect.

Focal Points 

Instead of trying to decorate an entire room, create a number of focal points and make some "mini scenes" such as Torture Chamber, Ghoulish Graveyard, and a Witches Coven......


What's Halloween without carved pumpkins ? Use a stencil to carve or paint scary faces on your pumpkins to add the traditional touch to your party. Decorate with scattered leaves and some of our autumn and ivy garlands,and sunflowers.


Create a spookey atmosphere for your Halloween party with dim lighting & candles, candles & more candles! Place t-lights in your pumpkins and groups of candles (in our skeleton hand votive holders.  (Remember to always extinguish all candles when the party is over....tip turn off all the lights while your doing so!)

 Spider Webs

 Using fake spider webs is one of the most cost-effective decorations. It looks fantastic draped over candleabras, mantlepieces, stairways etc etc


 Use your imagination! You can build your own coffin with 6-8 wood pieces, drape with re velveteen fabric and lie one of our skeletons in it....RIP......

 Graveyard Scene

 Perhaps one of the creepiest things is a tombstone with the inscription R.I.P. which is reminiscent of old-time graveyards believed to be haunted according   to old myths and urban legends. Put together a group of our tombstones & groundbreaker figurines, scatter some moss, leaves and skulls drape cobwebs over your eerie graveyard scene.

 Paint it Black

 Go gothic with a black party scheme. Choose all black decorations and tableware. Buy some flat black spray paint for items such as vases, napkin holders,  pumpkins -- anything you can think of. Drape our black baroque frames with web & giant spiders



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